Unemployment Insurance Survey and Resource


Because of the nature of our work, contingent professors often experience unemployment — especially between semesters or during the summer term. Part-time faculty face many obstacles when applying for unemployment, especially when colleges and universities claim that faculty have a “reasonable assurance” of continued employment. Take our short survey about your experience with unemployment compensation. Your responses to this survey provide us with important data that we use to inform policymakers and the general public.

If you have struggled with UI or want to learn more about the program, you can find information from a webinar from the National Employment Law Program.

In the News

The Labor Department has updated its guidance for temporary unemployment in ways that adjunct advocates say may make it easier to collect benefits between academic terms. The department’s 1986 Unemployment Insurance Program Letter doesn’t mention higher education and has long been used to deny part-time faculty members’ requests for coverage on those grounds. A newly released letter from the department “supersedes” the old guidance “and applies to all levels of education for public and nonprofit educational institutions, including primary, secondary and postsecondary education.” Read More.