The price they pay in GA

The price they pay in GA

From David Goldsby, Georgia Piedmont University

The price I pay, is not worth the good I'm selling.

Being a professor of Psychology, it has been made clear that attaining higher education degrees has little to no value in the job market. This is regardless of it being a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD in Psychology.

When there is a combination of unjust treatment, staggering monetary gains, and lack of opportunity for advancement you begin to gain a sense of hopelessness. Ultimately, I routinely ask myself am I hypocrite? On one hand, I advocate and promote achieving a higher education and pursuing terminal degrees. However, on the other hand I am knowledgeable that when one graduates from college, there is a great chance that individual (including my students) will not acquire a job in the career industry for which they studied, paid for and sacrificed. At the end of the day, I always remain stubbornly optimistic to embody that change is always possible and I can initiate it!

Katharine Bullard


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