The Parking Toll on Teaching

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Faculty leaders, activists, and allies throughout the country are joining together as Faculty Forward Network members to make change on their campus, and in academia nationally. We all know that ​paying to work is unfair as best. Faculty are saying no more and are fighting back against excessive fees that put a heavy burden on quality instructors. If you're ready to fight back on your campus and end the toll on teaching​, check out the ideas below to get your own parking campaign started.

Three Ways to End The Toll on Teaching

1. Share the toll on teaching at your university.

We aren’t talking about nickels and dimes.  Many adjunct and contingent faculty can pay a substantial amount of their salary to park. Use this easy online tool to calculate and tweet what percentage of your pay is parked in a campus lot.

Share your story and find support to end the toll on teaching.

To help put the price of parking in context of the overall crisis in higher education, find the latest stats and info at the SEIU Faculty Forward's Data Center.

USF Parking

2. Get organized. Demand a change. Download the Activist Toolkit.

Adjunct and contingent faculty are uniting through the Faculty Forward Network to raise standards for faculty and students. Download FFN's activist toolkit with more ideas and tips on how to build support for commonsense changes that will end the parking toll on teaching.

3. Join the Faculty Forward Network.

Become a Faculty Forward Network member and work alongside other faculty who share our commitment to restoring investment in educators and student learning.


Join the movement to end the corporatization of our nation's higher education system.