The #FightFor15: Politicians take note!

The #FightFor15: Politicians take note!

The #FightFor15: Politicians take note!

We are one year from election day and nationwide, faculty, home care, and fast food workers are coming together in massive protests at City Halls in 500 Cities. Our faculty friends from all across the United States are coming together to support the workers on strike for $15 and union rights. As you may know, nearly half of college instructors are part time and 25% of them are so underpaid that they qualify for federal assistance to get by.

"Today we stand together with the Fight for 15 movement for the human logic and not the corporate logic.  Whether its the fast food, childcare, or higher education, we stand together across different industries to emphasis that we will not accept the short term corporate logic, but a long term and lasting vision."

-Altha Cravey

Fast-food workers announced last Thursday that they will wage their biggest-ever strike on Nov. 10—one year from Election Day— and that they are taking their Fight for $15 and union rights to the ballot box to show candidates of all political stripes that the nearly 64 million Americans paid less than $15 are a voting bloc that can no longer be ignored. Walkouts in a record 270 cities, from Detroit to Denver, in red states, blue states and swing states, will culminate in massive protests outside city halls—local symbols of political power— where fast-food, home care, faculty, and other underpaid workers will demand that elected leaders nationwide stand up for $15/hr and union rights.

We’re with and with the ‘42%' and will vote to make our government and our community work for everyone, not just the rich.

Over the next year, workers in the Fight for $15 will engage the roughly 64 million Americans paid less than $15 around higher pay, union rights, improved child care and home care, racial justice and immigration reform.


Our economy is way out of balance and it’s not only happening in restaurants and airports -- people are struggling at campuses all across the country—and it isn’t ok. This is why we support the #FightFor15. Underpaid workers deserve a fair shot and we’re sick and tired of corporations and the wealthy having so much power that they can manipulate the rules in their favor. Raising wages will boost local families and make the economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy.

It is time to reset our priorities as a nation, and at our colleges and universities.


Join the conversation #FightFor15 .

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