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Campus Resistance: Rise Up March 1st

Campus Resistance: Rise Up March 1st

The assault on campus values, traditional learning, and professional working conditions in higher education is a widespread problem. Many students are faced with debt until death and teaching is hardly a middle-class profession anymore. This isn’t education—it is exploitation. Recently confirmed Secretary of Education billionaire Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration will not be the leader that American higher education needs. That’s why it’s time to take a stand and make real change in highe ...

Student Debt Disparity: It's Got to Go

Student Debt Disparity: It’s Got to Go

Though we’ve previously discussed the “The Disparate Truth of Debt in Higher Education,” on this blog, it’s time to revisit it from a new angle with fresh evidence that amplifies the need to act now to reduce debt disparity because “[o]nly when equity is combined with access will the full promise of American higher education truly be fulfilled.” Right now, too many students of color are falling through the cracks and missing educational opportunities or struggling to finance their education, and ...