Standing for UNC Values

We are faculty (tenured and tenure-track faculty, adjunct and full-time lecturers, senior lecturers, post-docs, and graduate student workers) who teach across multiple departments and on many campuses within the UNC system. Some of us are just beginning our career while others have worked, studied, researched and taught at UNC for many years, even decades. Regardless of our specific circumstances, we each appreciate the opportunity to bring our knowledge and experience into the classroom and advance our field of study by being a part of such a vibrant academic community. At each of our campuses, we relish teaching, scholarship, mentoring and engaging students, and we love the University of North Carolina.

However, we are concerned with the direction higher education is going in North Carolina and in particular the UNC System. Public support for higher education is down, student tuition is up, and faculty do not feel valued for the work we do. Clearly the University of North Carolina is both at a crossroads and, we believe, in crisis.

We should fight for the values that have served our state well for hundreds of years.

All North Carolinians should have the opportunity to earn a world-class education in our own state. Over several years, the UNC system has been undermined by some of the worst cuts to public education in our state’s history. When adjusted for inflation, state funding for four-year public universities has been cut by more than $500 per student since 2008. Politicians and administrators have decided to force students to pay the price by raising in-state tuition and fees by 87 percent over ten years.

We must renew a commitment that our public colleges and universities are a public good, worthy of investment and democratic leadership. The Board of Governors, politicians and influential corporate interests have led to some opaque decisions that have many faculty and students wondering if they have any voice in the UNC system.

Past leadership sought a future for UNC that valued respect for all people and instilled in our students an ability to think critically about our society and the need for strong public institutions. In the last year, instead of inspiring confidence in the search for a new UNC President, the Board of Governors appointed Margaret Spellings, which raised concerns that politics and profits may be more important than a track record that aligns with UNC’s values.

We must value all faculty and end the marginalization of the profession within the UNC system. Faculty feel undervalued, overworked, and troubled about the future of higher education in North Carolina. Many faculty have cited increased teaching loads, reduced course offerings, and larger class sizes, despite stagnant pay. As contract term lengths become shorter, job security and academic freedom for contingent faculty deteriorate at the same time that their class sizes grow.

This steady attack on faculty working conditions is an outgrowth of a more corporatized model of education that prioritizes profit over instruction.

The mission of the University of North Carolina System is to “discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society.” Yet the reality of the treatment of faculty is not aligned with this commitment. This is a critical moment for higher education in North Carolina. Our students, both present and future, will judge us by the way we respond. In order to rebuild trust and confidence in our institutions, faculty are ready to stand up for long term authentic UNC values.

In light of the above, we are coming together to form a new voice and new organization with the resources and energy across our respective campuses to win gains for our profession, our students and for higher education in North Carolina. We ask you to join us as the Spellings era dawns, because it is important that anyone with any stake in the UNC system fights for more than the bottom line.

If you’re ready to join us, you can do so by adding your name here.

If you would like more information, you can find it here on our site. Also feel free to email one of us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

In solidarity,


Neel Ahuja, UNCCH, Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Carrie Alter, UNCCH 2010-2014, Visiting Lecturer, Art
Katherine Barrett, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Michael Behrent, ASU, Associate Professor, History
Elizabeth Berger, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Stephanie Berger, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Rosemarie Blewitt, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Paulo Bocci, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Karen Booth, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies
Neal Caren, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Sociology
Kerry Carlin, ECU, Associate Professor and Chair of the Keyboard Department, School of Music
Jim Carmichael, UNCG, Professor, Library and Information Sciences
Sebastian Cobarrubias, UNCC, Assistant Professor, Global, International and Area Studies
Alfredia Collins, NCCU, Part-time Adjunct, Mass Communication
Steve Corbett, UNCCH, Lecturer, Anthropology
John Cox, UNCC, Associate Professor, Global, International & Area Studies
Sean Cox, ECU, Graduate Student, Maritime Studies
Richard Cramer, UNCCH, Emeritus Professor, Sociology
Altha Cravey, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Geography
Elyse Crystall, UNCCH, Senior Lecturer, English and Comparative Literature
Kim Cuny, UNCG, Senior Academic Professional, Communication Studies
Jeffrey David, NC A&T, Associate Professor, English
Edwin Dennis, WPCC/ASU, Adjunct, Film & Video production/Communication
Susan Dennison, UNCG, Associate Professor, Social Work
Achsah Dorsey, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Mark Driscoll, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Asian Studies
Cindy Elmore, ECU, Associate Professor, Communication
Laila Elsherif, UNCCH, Research Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Fenwick W. English, UNCCH, Distinguished Professor, Educational Leadership
Arturo Escobar, UNCCH, Professor, Anthropology
Pierce Freelon, UNCCH, Lecturer, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
Gabrielle Brant Freeman, ECU, Professor, English
Charlotte Fryar, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, American Studies
Collie Fulford, NCCU, Assistant Professor, English
Nicholas Georgalis, ECU, Distinguished Research Professor, Philosophy
Janie Goddard, ECU, Adjunct Instructor, Art
Rachelle Gold, NCCU, Associate Professor of English, Language and Literature
Robert Golub, NCSU, Professor, Physics
Molly Green, UNCCH, Teaching Assistant, Anthropology
Michael Benedict Gross, ECU, Associate Professor, History
Lisl Hampton, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Carrie Hart, UNCG, Adjunct Lecturer, Women's & Gender Studies
Sharon Alusow Hart, ASU, Lecturer, English
Hosni M. Hassan, NCSU, Professor, Poultry Science/Microbiology
Anne Hastings, UNCCH, Senior Lecturer, Sociology
Dawn Henderson, WSSU, Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences
S. Maxwell Hines, WSSU, Professor, Education
Jennifer Ho, UNCCH, Associate Professor, English & Comparative Literature
René Horst, ASU, Professor, History
David Jolly, NCCU, Associate Professor, Public Health Education
Sara L. Juengst, ASU, Lecturer, Anthropology
Amanda Ann Klein, ECU, Associate Professor, English
Sherryl Kleinman, UNCCH, Professor, Sociology
Nell Kriesberg, NCSU, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Carl Lashley, UNCG, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
Ralph E. Lentz II,  ASU, Senior Lecturer, History
Lisa Lindsay, UNCCH, Associate Professor, History
Julia Longo, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Paul Maney, ASU, Lecturer, History
Killian E. Manning, PhD, UNCG, Lecturer, Communication Studies
Randall Martoccia, ECU, Teaching Instructor, English
Anne Kinnamon McCarthy, NCCU, Instructor, Language and Literature
Autumn McClellan, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Sociology
Greg McClure, ASU, Associate Professor, Education
James McDowelle, ECU, Professor, Educational Leadership
John McGowan, UNCCH, Professor, English
Hassan Melehy, UNCCH, Professor, Romance Studies
Daniel Mejia, ECU, Graduate Student Worker, Chemistry
John T. Meredith, MD FACEP, ECU, Emergency Physician, Emergency Medicine
Gregory Dean Meyerson, NC A&T, Associate Professor, English
Sarah Minslow, UNCC, Adjunct Lecturer, Gias and English
David Monje, UNCCH, Instructor, English
Christina Moore, ECU, Instructional Consultant, Language Academy/PhD Candidate, English
Maggie Morgan-Smith, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Tiffany Morin, UNCC, Adjunct Lecturer, English
Lauren Nareau, UNCCH, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Jocelyn Nelson, ECU, Teaching Assistant Professor, School of Music
Jay Newhard, ECU,  Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Valerie Nieman, NC A&T, Professor, English
Donald M. Nonini, UNCCH, Professor, Anthropology
Shota T. Ogawa, UNCC, Assistant Professor of Japanese, Languages and Culture Studies
Kumarini Silva, UNCCH, Assistant Professor, Communication
Elin O’Hara Slavick, UNCCH, Professor, Art
Michael Palm, UNCCH, Assistant Professor, Communication
Elizabeth Perrill, UNCG, Associate Professor, Art
Andrew J Perrin, UNCCH, Professor, Sociology
Heather Perry, UNCC, Associate Professor, History
Robert Porter, UNCCH, Lecturer, African-American Studies
Jami Powell, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
David William Pravica, ECU, Professor, Mathematics
William H. Race, UNCCH, Professor, Classics
Mark Rifkin, UNCG, Professor, English and Women's and Gender Studies
Michael Joseph Roberto, NC A&T, Associate Professor, History
Zach Robinson, ECU, Professor, Mathematics
Kailey Rocker, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Chad Rohrbacher, NC A&T, Associate Professor, English
Yvonne B. Rollins, NCSU, Professor, French
Kailan Rubinoff, UNCG, Associate Professor, Music Studies
Chez Rumpf, FSU, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Vincent Russell, UNCG, Graduate Student Worker, Communication Studies
Ruth Salvaggio, UNCCH, Professor, English
Michael Schinasi, ECU, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Michael Schwalbe, NCSU, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Ronald Sederoff, NCSU, Distinguished University Professor and Edwin F. Conger Professor, Forestry and Environmental Resources
Orvin Lee Shiflett, UNCG, Professor, Library and Information Studies
Nicole Nolan Sidhu, ECU, Associate Professor, English
Derick Kane Smith, NC A&T, Lecturer, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Eric Thomas, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Jonathan Tudge, UNCG, Professor, HDFS
Emilio del Valle Escalante, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Romance Studies
Jonathan Wacker, ECU, Professor, Music
Michele Ware, NCCU, Associate Professor, Language and Literature
Harry Watson, UNCCH, Professor, History
David Wilbourne, ECU, Library Technician, Joyner Library
Justine Williams, UNCCH, Graduate Student Worker, Anthropology
Tricia Wilson-Okamura, ECU, Teaching Instructor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Steve Wing, UNCCH, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Linda D. Wolfe, ECU, Professor Emeritus , Anthropology
Kathryn Wymer, NCCU, Associate Professor, Language and Literature
Catherine Zimmer, PhD, UNCCH, Adjunct Associate Professor, Sociology