Spellings' First Day

Spellings' First Day

Spellings’ First Day

As Margaret Spellings walked onto the UNC campus, hundreds walked out and rallied to demand accountability.

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We have the momentum to keep up the pressure this week. Students and faculty are traveling to Fayetteville for the next Board of Governors meeting at 8am March 4th.

Can you join us? RSVP here to let us know!

The Board of Governors fast-tracked the appointment of Margaret Spellings to be the next UNC President  to oversee 17 schools across the state. Given Spellings’ connections to a student debt collection agency, the University of Phoenix, and her history of making anti-LGBTQ remarks, her record reflects a narrow higher education agenda that promotes the interest of private corporations over the public interest. Her long track record and the lack of transparency in the decision to appoint her have upset people across the state -- we are going to continue to protest what’s going on in the UNC system where we are paying the price for a lack of investment in public education.

  • State funding for four-year public universities has been cut by more than $500 per student since 2008.
  • Average in-state tuition at UNC schools has gone up 87% in ten years.

We need all the help we can get. RSVP here if you can make it on Friday!

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