Outsourcing and subcontracting at your institution


Many colleges and universities across the country are outsourcing or subcontracting, to private companies, various institutional functions and services in an effort to cut costs, and/or improve efficiency. These institutional functions and services can include: online education management, dining services, residence hall management, administrative functions, parking, student bookstores, custodial services, and IT support, among others. Schools claim that outsourcing or subcontracting these auxiliary services will allow them to focus more of their resources on their primary mission. But does subcontracting or outsourcing these services actually achieve their intended purpose?

Here is what you need to know!

Tools for researching if your school has outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Click here for the  following steps, which differ slightly by the type of institution (public or non-profit), can help you research which functions or services are being outsourced or subcontracted on your campus.

Take Action to Protect Your School from Bad Partnerships

Click here to see steps you can take to address negative impacts created by outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Sample Letter to Board of Trustees

The following letter does not specifically address outsourcing or the subcontracting of institutional services, but it does provide an example of addressing the board of trustees’ responsibility to ensure that the decisions made by the institution are in the best interest of all of its constituencies. When tailoring this letter to address outsourcing and subcontracting practices, it is important to communicate the responsibility the board has to safeguard institutional resources and to ensure that they’re being used appropriately. An effective letter will state the issue, lay out the concerns, and provide clear asks of the board of trustees. Download Here.



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