How to look up the compensation of top executives at your school

Look up Executive Compensation at a For-Profit, Publicly Traded Company

  1. Go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) company filings website: Credit: Thomas, Flickr)nysearch.html
  2. Enter the company name and select “Search.” The SEC site will display a list of companies matching the name you entered or display the company’s filings.
  3. Several types of SEC filings include information about the company’s executive compensation. You can locate information about executive pay in:
    1. Schedule DEF14A (annual proxy statement)
    2. Form 10K (audited annual report)
    3. Registration statements filed by the issuer
    4. Form 8-K (current company information)
  4. When you get to the page displaying all of a company’s SEC filings, click on the “Documents” button for the filing you are interested in. Once you’ve clicked this, you will need to click on the top hyperlink to view the document.
  5. You can then use the “Find” command on your browser to locate the Executive Compensation section.
  6. Executive compensation is not included in every filing so you may have to look through multiple filings before locating the one with the relevant information.


To look up Executive Compensation at a Private, Not-For-Profit College…


  1. Go to GuideStar’s database of IRS-Recognized Nonprofits:
  2. Enter the name of your college or university and select “Search.” The site will display a list of schools matching the name you entered.
  3. Next to the name of your school, click on the “Preview Report” link.
  4. Once the report is generated, scroll down to the “Documents” section and click to download the most recent 990 Form. You may need to create a free account to access the 990 Form.
  5. The Executive Compensation section is under “Schedule J, Part II.”


You can also use the 990 Finder from the Foundation Center:



The Chronicle of Higher Education Executive Compensation Surveys

Alternatively, you can use The Chronicle’s exclusive databases to explore the compensation of chief executives at private, not-for-profit and public institutions:


  1. Executive Compensation at Private Colleges:
  2. Executive Compensation at Public Colleges:


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