Fighting for Public Investment in Higher Education

Public funding for higher education is cratering and undermining the mission of America’s public colleges and universities. Colleges are acting like corporations -- pushing faculty wages down and forcing students to take on record levels of debt.

Consider the facts:

  • Forty-seven states are spending less on higher education than before the great recession. On average, states are spending $1,805 less per student than what they were spending in 2007-08. After adjusting for inflation, this is 20% less.
  • The lack of public funding is saddling more students with high levels of debt. Between 1993 and 2013, in-state tuition has gone up 173% at public 4-year universities and 140% at America’s community colleges.
  • Community college enrollment has fallen dramatically and minority student enrollment has not increased in the past two years. We may be at a tipping point where a college education is out of reach for minority and first generation students.

Politicians are underfunding public education and shifting the costs to students, and the stakes couldn't be higher for students, parents and faculty. Across the country, the Faculty Forward Network and our allies are fighting to make sure that higher education is affordable, accessible and reflects the public mission of our colleges and universities.



Join the movement to end the corporatization of our nation's higher education system.