About Us



The FFN is an activist faculty organization that improves faculty working conditions, supports increased public investment in instruction and research, and is fighting the corporatization of higher education.

Record amount of debt and the rise of a contingent, underpaid instructional workforce means universities are investing less and less in their core mission – and faculty and students have been paying the price.

But in just a few short years, faculty have stood up in record numbers and we are getting real results. Growing out of SEIU Faculty Forward’s efforts, the Faculty Forward Network is a 501(c)3 organization that unites faculty with students, parents, and allies who believe that higher education needs to once again serve all students, faculty, non-faculty higher education staff, and the surrounding communities.


We demonstrated that by joining together, we can influence the national debate about faculty working conditions and the direction of higher education. Standing with our partners in the student debt movement, we are holding bad actors in higher ed accountable, recently winning half billion dollars in debt relief for former students of the now defunct Corinthian Colleges.


It is time for us to boldly demand investment in and higher standards in higher education. The Faculty Forward Network is about bringing together faculty, students, parents and allies who feel higher education needs should be about classrooms over profit and degrees over debt. Together, and across America, we are joining the FFN because they believe change in higher education is possible when we take action together.

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